Welcome From the Pastor

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There is no question that visiting the church and attending services is the only way to experience its personality and friendliness. However, we are also aware that one cannot discover all that Menifee Bible Church has to offer in a single visit. Therefore, it is our hope that this website will fill in some of the blanks and help you know us a little better.

We think of Menifee Bible Church as a family of Christians committed to knowing the Word, living the life, and sharing the faith. The overarching purpose of the church is to glorify God in every possible way. To achieve that our elders are committed to studying and teaching the scriptures with diligence and authority. Our people are encouraged and challenged to allow the principles of scripture to become the road map for their lives. Our chief goal is to share our faith throughout the community and around the world.

The focus of all our services is the proclamation of God's matchless Word. It is only from the Scriptures that we can learn truth concerning the character and nature of God and man as well as the way of salvation, and the certainty of heaven. We consider it the highest privilege to declare biblical truth as ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

The entire ministry of Menifee Bible Church is about bringing people into right relationship with God and one another and teaching them how to strengthen and build upon those relationships.

If you wish for us to contact you about any questions you may have then please [click here].

Bob King, Senior Pastor


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