Our Vision

Our vision at Menifee Bible Church is to glorify God by knowing the Word, living the life, and sharing the faith


Knowing the Word

It all starts with the Word of God, the source from which we gather all truth. We encourage our members to read, memorize and study their Bibles throughout the week. The Word of God is opened every Sunday, and our services are built around the truth revealed to humankind through the pages of scripture.


Living the Life

As our affections for God grow and are shaped by His Word, we encourage our members to “live the life” of faith in good. The fruit of one whose heart has been changed by God as a result of their faith in Him, is evident in the form of good works. This process of change is called sanctification, and is a miracle the Holy Spirit fulfills in all people who call on the name of God for salvation.


Sharing the Faith

We share the love of God with all people—both local and global, because He has commanded us to do so. We are compelled by God to share, but we also feel the deep desire to share the faith with others as we invite them into our family and expose them to the great love of God for all people of the world.


Learn more about our vision by visiting us on a Sunday morning