In our world today, it can feel like everything is swirling out of control - all the news is negative, life is often confusing, and we are "hard pressed" at all times.  We read our bibles, attend women's studies and church services, and we know what we are supposed to do to stay in God's will but, practically, how does that manifest itself in our daily lives when it seems we can hardly keep up with the pace of daily living?

A Time of Joy Women's Conference is a unique experience designed to revive and renew our minds and spirits, and provide applicable guidance for tapping into that overflowing spring of living water that comes from Jesus Christ, who produces wells of unending joy no matter our circumstances. Come join us for practical workshops, motivating speakers, music & worship, food, fellowship, and refreshment.

Now, may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, 

so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

Main Speakers

  • Lynne Leite

    Also known as the CurlyGirl4God, Lynne is a storyteller at heart. She is a speaker and writer who loves to pair personal stories with Biblical insight to inspire women to be all that God created them to be. Lynne is also a published author, with ten stories published in various Chicken Soup for Soul books.

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  • Nancy Williams

    Nancy has been described as a delight, fun-loving, and compassionate woman and because of her compassion, wrote a book titled A Way of Life. This book puts forth how to live God's way victoriously. She has been enjoyed as a workshop, seminar, and retreat speaker. Nancy is a wife, mother, RN, and presently works as a nurse educator.

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  • Judee Stapp

    Judee Stapp is a popular speaker for Stonecroft Ministries, retreats, and other women’s events. She uses her engaging style and humorous life experiences to inspire women to strengthen their faith and find their purpose. Judee’s stories and poems have been published in several magazines and four Chicken Soup For The Soul books. She is currently working on a children’s book, as well as an anthology of first-person stories that will encourage women to live their lives with true joy.

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Workshop Leaders

  • Sheila Pomeroy

    Sheila became a Christian early in 1974, and was married to husband Jerry

    in December 1974. The Lord has been working through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit in her since that time. She was the director of "Peace Restored," a healing ministry, for almost ten years, which put on retreats for women needing healing for past hurts and traumas. She now serves in Women's Ministry at Menifee Bible Church, leading Women's Bible Studies and being involved in discipleship. Jerry is the Associate Pastor at Menifee Bible and their daughter Linda is married and lives in Washington State.

  • Laura Hadley

    Laura lives in Wildomar, CA where she and her husband Tim attend Faith Bible Church. Laura serves the body in a variety of ways: From Women's events to sign up ministry, counseling, discipleship, leading bible studies, and being involved with international ministries supported by the church, she has a heart to spur women on in Biblical truth. Laura graduated from the Faith Bible Church Training Center Express, which has given her opportunities to share God's Word with different groups of women. Her passion is encouraging women through the foundational promises of God's Word, thereby reassuring women of the hope they have in Christ's victory.

  • Sharon Lawlor

    Sharon Lawlor holds a post graduate degree in Systematic Theology and Bible Exposition. Yet her transparency regarding her own experience from brokenness to victory in Christ endears her to women of all ages and life experiences. Sharon's passion is evangelism through writing, speaking, teaching, and studying the Word of God. Her first book Why Mary? From a Mother's Heart, a Fresh Perspective, was published in September 2017.

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  • Emma Brummett

    Emma was born in El Paso, Texas and was raised all over California. She accepted the Lord in 1981 at a Calvary Chapel at the age of fifteen and is now happily married with five children. She is a Registered Nurse and has worked in ICU and Home Health Care, is a certified graphic designer, and has taught numerous children's ministry programs. Emma currently serves as the Director for the Intercessory Prayer Ministry Team, is the Ministry Team Coordinator, Church Calendar Coordinator, Puppet Team Director, Co-leader of the Women's Retreat Committee, and is a member of the Women's Ministry Team at Hemet Valley Baptist Church. 


Pray! Pray! Pray! Oh, You Mean Me? - Emma Brummett

A WORKSHOP ON PRAYER & FAITH: How is your prayer life? When was the last time you looked at it - really examined the bones of it, so to speak? I can almost see the "Oh you mean me?" look in your eyes. Let me be frank. If you already Pray, Pray, Pray, then this probably isn't for you. But for those who are new to this thing called prayer, who have a burden to pray but feel like their prayers are hitting the ceiling, or who maybe have prayed for years and are tired and in need of a time of refreshment, then come join me. We'll do a diagnostic together of your prayer life. Let's look at what prayer is, what it should look like in real life and not just on paper, and finally, how our faith ties into it. Proverbs 27:17 says, " iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Yes, sparks will fly, but we will be better for it. What say you? Are you ready to delve deep and strengthen your prayer life?

Investing in Eternity: Practical Suggestions for One-To-One Evangelism - Sharon Lawlor

A WORKSHOP ON SHARING YOUR FAITH: The Bible tell us we are to share our faith. But how do we do that when the world is increasingly unconcerned with eternity or even hostile towards Christians? Sharon will provide ways you can share your faith with confidence through a foundation of love and solid biblical wisdom.

Wise Women Are Clothed In Contentment - Laura Hadley

A WORKSHOP ON GRATITUDE AND CONTENTMENT: Have you ever wondered how, in Philippians 4:11, Paul could say that he had learned to be content regardless of circumstances? Have you ever wondered why me or why not me? With culture and the wants of this world vying for our devotion, can you truly say you are content? Life hands us many unexpected turns. The financial, relational, physical, emotional, or spiritual trials of this life make it difficult to walk consistently in joy when we have hearts struggling for contentment. We can often find ourselves discontented, dissatisfied, or complacent without even understanding why. In this workshop, I will be sharing how the Lord taught me that contentment is something we learn and that it is possible. We will discuss some applications of biblical truth and perspective that reveal how through the sovereignty of God and the love of Christ, we can develop a heart of gratitude which is the foundation of true contentment.

Breaking Free From Perfectionism - Sheila Pomeroy

A WORKSHOP ON HEALING EMOTIONALLY: Many of us struggle with perfectionist tendencies, including myself, which can rob us of our joy. We often formulate unreachable goals for ourselves and for others, leading to disappointment and stress. God wants us to strive for excellence, but our own underlying needs, motivations, priorities, and wrong thinking can derail us from God’s plan for perfection. In this workshop, we will look at some of our mental ambushes, then look more closely at the problems perfectionists tend to deal with, and then finish with some practical ways to change our thinking that will truly help us break free from the perfectionist trap.




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    3:30pm    Evening program begins

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    7:00am     Continental breakfast

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    12:30pm    Lunch

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    4:00pm     Corporate Prayer Time

    Conference pricing

    Complete Weekend


    Three main speakers; Two workshops; Two catered meals; Continental breakfast; All-day beverages; Movie night with free popcorn; Access to prayer partners; Free ticket to win door prizes; Book room; Free photos in our memories area; and Practical wisdom and Biblical guidance.

    Friday Only


    One main speaker; Catered dinner; Movie night with free popcorn; Free ticket to win door prizes; Access to prayer partners, 

    Practical wisdom and Biblical Guidance

    Saturday Only


    Two main speakers; Two workshops; Continental breakfast; Catered lunch; All-day beverages; Access to prayer partners; Free ticket to win door prizes; Book room; Free photos in our memories area; and Practical wisdom and Biblical guidance.