Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry plays an important role in the overall growth and encouragement for the women in the church as it covers several other sub-ministries within and led by different leaders within the Womens Ministry Team members under the leadership of Sheila Pomeroy. There is a Women's Ministry Team that oversee, help and facilitate these sub-ministries listed below & assign different group leaders for each sub-ministry.

Women's bible studies

Led by Sheila Pomeroy, they hold two Bible Studies within the year. One is held from September through May and the second study is held every Summer.

Periodically, they also offer special group studies like topics that include "Living the Gospel in Relationships" and "Go In Peace".

**For more information on the schedule of the Womens Bible Studies for the year, please go to the Bible Studies category in the main Home Page Navigation Bar.


The Women's Retreat is an annual event that takes place in a weekend in the Fall. Each year the venues may change but the main goal remains the same which is to learn God's Word from inspirational guest speakers. The retreats are also a time of having group bible studies & discussions, a time for recreation & fun, relaxation and fellowship. The retreat planning committee is organized by Kristina Miller.

** More information regarding the date, location and time for the retreat will be announced at a later date.

Women's Sub-Committees

These sub-ministries are led and facilitated by volunteer ladies in the Womens Ministry Team.

  • Ladies fellowship & events coordinator

    Led by Anna Hoover, this is a sub-ministry that facilitates the planning, organizing, and setting-up of special womens events throughout the year. Enjoy a great time of fellowship with the other ladies in the church with prayer, worship, games and, of course, great food. The special events are announced within the different times of the year. Check out the Calendar of  Events section for more information of the dates, time and place of these events throughout the year.

  • Single sisters ministry

    This is a ministry open to all widows and/or single women in the church. The primary goal of this ministry is to encourage, support, pray for one another and to spread God's love. Once a month the ladies meet to share a special meal together, have a time of devotions, discussion and prayer. Then, every other month, they go on special field trips or outings to various interesting places. Not only is this an enjoyable time for a relaxing and recreational activity, but it also strengthens the bond of sisterhood in Christ's love. For more information about this ministry, please contact Jeanie Applegate through the church office.

  • craft/encouragement fellowship

    As most women enjoy making crafts and stuff, this ministry is where you would want to plug-in and learn how to do various craft projects. Under the skilled instruction of Dorene Wassman, you will enjoy the fellowship and have busy hands completing each project. They make craft items for you to give to others to touch their lives with God's love.