The C.A.R.E. Ministry, under the leadership of Jeanie Applegate, provides asistance to those who are in need in our congregation.  It is comprised of sub-commitees that cover providing meals to those who need it in times of difficulties. Transportation is also a part of this ministry that provides assistance to those who may need transportation to and from church on Sundays. Periodically, when the need arises, this ministry is also responsible for providing visitations or companionship to those who may be encountering difficult times in their lives.

You may contact Jeanie Applegate through the church office for your particular needs and she will mobilize the sub-committee leaders of those specific needs. The respective sub-committee leaders are Sue Edwards, Rose Jenkins, and Shirley Dowdle


Listed hereinbelow are the sub-ministries within the C.A.R.E. ministry as follows:

  • Transportation


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  • meals

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