Links & Resources

These links and resources are here to help those who may have questions or want a deeper knowledge and understanding of God's Word. It will enlighten and encourage you to seek and understand His Word until it develops into a life-applied lifestyle.

  • Do you have a question about God, Jesus, the Bible, or theology? Do you need help understanding a Bible verse or passage? Are there any spiritual issues in your life for which you need advice or counsel?

  • "Discover the Book Ministries" 

    Discover the Book Ministries is a partnership of people from everywhere John Barnet has ministered who help spread God's Word through taking the lessons already taught to a local church and making them available free of charge all over the USA and the world.

    John Barnet founded DTBM, as a non-profit 501c3 Oklahoma Incorporated, outreach ministry. Currently DTBM is sending evangelistic and Bible teaching materials to over 160 countries around the world.