The word "Deacon" or "Deaconess" means  "servanthood". This ministry strives to serve the needs of our congregation. At the beginning of each year, the  deaconesses are given a list of 10 to 15 members and non-members who attend our services regularly. Each month, they contact their assigned group members to inquire whether they have any special needs i.e. prayer requests, or any other needs that may arise at any given time. The Deaconesses take the time for friendly conversations in order to get better acquainted with the members. These special needs are then passed on to the church office and prayer requests are relayed to the Prayer Chain ministry.

Deaconesses: Jeanne Alvarez, Laurna Burdick, Susan Carder, Patti Clarke, Ruth Davisson, *Stella Dickerson, Bonnie Dull, Dorothy Eastman, Ardith Haase (Chairman), Mary Beth Hartman, Sharon Mull, *Mae Murray, Linda Ozbun, Pat Sutherland, Ann Taylor, Colleen Tinsley, Cynnie Vannoy, Joyce Wali and Shirley Wilson


Deacons:  Herb Dowdle, Lowell Myers, Steven Herning, Jim Carder, and Dale Niezgocki

The Deacons are stewards of the church facilities and security. They see to it that the church grounds  and building  facilities are kept in good running order and are also stewards of the church congregation's safety while they are in the premises during church services and any special church events.